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This is a simple two-part game where a pea has to go through adventures and defeat bosses to get to the end. At the first part, you command the pea to kill evil jellies, and at the second part, the pea enters a spaceship to destroy enemy spaceships. Collect 25 coins to receive 1 life (REMOVED). 

How to play (first part):

Walk right - Right key or D

Walk left - Left key or A

Jump - Up key or W

Shoot right - X or N

Shoot left - Z or M

How to play (second part):

Walk right - Right key

Walk left - Left key

Shoot - Space

Update v2.1: (09/22/17)

Bugs fix;

Shots don't "stop in the air" when exit screen

Player can shoot to the left, with Z key, and shoot to the right with X key.

Update v2.2: (10/16/17)

Bugs fix;

Player can't exit screen "flying"

Final Boss can death now

Improvements in levels 3 and 6

New sistem of shots and ammunition

Max of jumps reduced to 4 (from 5)

Enemys give gold when death

And more!

Update v2.3: (10/22/17)

Bugs fix

New tutorial mode

New button continue

Press P to pause the game

New life bar at big jellies

And more!

Update v2.3.1: (10/23/17)

Bugs fix in levels 8, 9 and 10

Update v2.4: (12/12/17)

Level 10 boss all bugs fix

New button of configurations

New store

New skins for pea

New powerups

Improvements on tutorial

Improvements in continue button

Improvements on level 6

25 coins doesn't give 1 life anymore

Evil spaceships give 1 coin when dead

New levels: 10.1, 11 and 12 with new final boss

New option "Skip Tutorial"

Spaceship loses a little of fuel when shot

And more!

Update v2.4.1: (12/13/17)

Tutorial and continue button bugs fix

Update v2.4.2: (12/14/17)

Boss level (10.1) and skin 3 bugs fix

Update v2.4.3: (12/15/17)

All store and skins bugs fix

New teleport skin for level 10 boss

Update v2.5: (03/31/18)

New box (cost 50 coins or 40000 points)

New gems

Get randomly skins, powerups and gems at boxes

Use the gems to buy skins, powerups and coins

Coins don't buy skins and powerups anymore 

Get a box reward after game over

New game mode: Reverse mode

Get more gold and points in reverse mode

Win level 6 to unlock the new mode

And more!

Update v2.5.1: (03/31/18)

Win game bugs fix

Points box bugs fix

Reverse mode bugs fix

Improvements on level 11

Install instructions

Downloadable  just for Windows

Done on Stencyl Engine


Pea, The Game v2.5 57 MB

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